Unique Ideas for a Memory Box

Updated November 21, 2016

A memory box can be a creative and organised way to store family memorabilia. Memory boxes can be created to honour the memory of a deceased loved one or to commemorate the events, special occasions and vacations of an entire family. Alternatively, consider unique ideas for memory boxes, such as a memory box to represent an occasion like a wedding, baptism, anniversary or retirement party.

Decorating and Storage Tips for Memory Boxes

Consider decorating your memory box to personalise it. Even a simple cardboard shoebox can be covered with gift wrap paper for a sense of style and embellished with letters, stickers, captions or other scrapbooking items. Envelopes can be used to protect report cards or ticket stubs and photos while bulky items such as toys or baby bootees can be preserved in sealed plastic food bags.

Location-Specific Memory Box

When you or your family have special memories of a particular location, such as a favourite beach, consider creating a memory box to store memorabilia from your trip(s) there. To begin, purchase a clear bead box made from plastic at your local craft store; consider one with divided compartments for easy storage. Place items from the location, such as pebbles, shells and sea glass, into the compartments; also store photos of your family taken at that location. Environmental samples from the area, such as sand, water or dirt, can be kept in glass spice bottles; label the samples for easy reference. Add any other interesting items that remind of you of that particular location or a special person related to visiting that area.

Memory Boxes for Dementia Sufferers

Make a memory box for a loved one suffering from dementia to help her maintain her identity and long-term memories. Memory boxes stimulate minds and promote positive emotions. A memory box could be filled with photos of the person and other items she would relate to personally to remind her of who she is and her life to date, including a marriage certificate or jewellery. Alternatively, a memory box for a person with Alzheimer's could be filled with family photos. Be sure to write the names of the people in the photos on the back of each picture, the year, what relation they are to her and any other identifying information.

Baby Keepsake Memory Boxes

Children grow up quickly; for this reason, most parents keep an assortment of memorabilia to commemorate their children's milestones by. Consider creating a memory box filled with items that represent your child's birth and growth. Items for a baby keepsake box could include the birth announcement, the child's first tooth, a wisp of baby hair, photos, a pair of bootees and a special toy. Be sure to show it to your baby when he is all grown up or show it to your grandchildren.

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