Gift ideas for the 25th birthday of a girl

Written by kristine brite | 13/05/2017
Gift ideas for the 25th birthday of a girl
Make her 25th birthday memorable by buying a gift she'll love. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Turning a quarter of a century old is a reason to celebrate. Picking out a present for a woman who turns 25 is easy with some thought. Even if she's the woman who has everything, you can find something by getting her a personalised gift or giving her the gift of your time. If you're unsure about her tastes and likes, consider asking her for a list or asking one of her friends to go shopping with you.

Personalised Gifts

Buying a personalised gift shows her you care and put enough thought into your gift to buy something meant just for her. Picture gifts are plentiful. You can order or make picture gifts including: a Rubik's Cube with pictures of the two of you on all of the cubes, a scrapbook full of pictures of your favourite memories with her and a calendar of personal pictures. Other personalised ideas include writing her a letter with how you feel about her, cooking her a dinner of her favourite foods and buying her a key chain with her name.

Tech Gifts

Many 25-year-old women are tech savvy, so electronics gifts make sense. If you've got a large budget, you can buy her expensive gadgets like a new computer, cell phone or television. If she's got an older model of an electronics item that doesn't work properly, replace it for her birthday. If your budget isn't large, focus on less expensive technology gifts like digital picture frames or point-and-shoot digital cameras, which start at less than £32.

Her Hobbies

To buy a gift that she'll love and use, think about what she likes to do and what interests her. If the woman in your life loves dressing up and taking care of herself, than buy her spa gifts like a gift token to a spa, spa products for her home or an at-home massager. If she like sports, buy her tickets to see her favourite team, or merchandise with her team's logo.

Other Ideas

At 25, a woman has a wide range of likes and interests so the range of gifts is huge. You could go the traditional birthday route and buy her balloons and a personalised birthday cake with her name and age. A bouquet of fresh flowers is another idea, especially if you know her favourite flower and buy it for her. The old saying, "diamonds are a girl's best friend," will ring true if you buy her diamond earrings or a diamond tennis bracelet to celebrate her turning half a century old.

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