The Best Laundry Hampers

Traditionally, laundry hampers have been relatively nondescript places to store soiled clothing. Typically made of plastic or an organic material like rattan, they are either stashed away behind closet doors, or accepted as a necessary, but not always attractive, addition to a bedroom or bathroom. Today's laundry hampers, though, come in a range of styles designed to meet the wants and needs of an evolving consumer base. From environmentally-friendly choices to pieces that double as furniture or even art, there are many options to suit your lifestyle.


Being green doesn't mean you must forsake fashion or function. Models like EccoXOXO's interwoven hamper, made from recycled plastic wire, are long lasting and easy to clean. Many eco-friendly firms are entering into fair trade agreements with the workers involved in creating their products, ensuring that these individuals are provided with fair pay for their labour. You can find many options of environmentally-friendly hampers that utilise materials including bamboo, natural cotton and recycled metals.


For decades, modular furniture has been revered by trendy apartment dwellers who seek convenient, compact options in home furnishings. Even laundry baskets are being designed with attention to form and function. A modular system like one from Kartell's Componibli line allows you to tailor elements to create a convenient laundry unit, with features like casters that make for easy movement from room to room.


Tilt-out hampers are housed in attractive cabinets that provide additional counter space to your bathroom or bedroom. The hampers in Hampton Bay's collection come in a range of classic wood colours including pine and cherry, as well as white, with options for single, double or triple tilt-out baskets available. These hamper types are ideal for individuals or families who appreciate timeless and elegant furniture styles.


Laundry becomes an interactive art display with a product like the polyp artistic wall laundry basket, a cell-shaped form that attaches to your wall. Insert soiled clothes into the circular-shaped opening. As your laundry piles in, new colours will pop against the stark white container. When you're ready to wash, the container detaches from the wall and carries clothes to the laundry facility of your choice. Not only does a choice like the polyp system save space, but it makes for an interesting conversation piece as well.

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