Unusual Gifts for Female Doctors

Updated November 21, 2016

Nowadays female doctors are common in a profession that for many years was dominated by men. The first female doctor in the United States applied to 11 medical schools before she found one to accept her in 1847. Finding an unusual gift for female doctors requires a little bit of imagination, but a search on the Internet can turn up some interesting gifts that you can purchase directly online.


There are a range of unusual Band-Aid-style bandages you can buy online. They are ideal for a female paediatrician, as they are fun for her to hand out to her patients or just to keep on display. Bandages with fairies, or bandages that look exactly like pickles make amusing gifts. Doctors are often asked for professional advice when in social circumstances, and "kiss-it-better" boo-boo bandages with an image of bright lips on each bandage could be a funny way for a female doctor to end a boring conversation. You could also find an online store that will make up personalised bandages with the female doctor's name printed on each with an amusing saying about women doctors.

Cosmetic Bag

A novel gift idea for a female doctor is a cosmetic bag that has an image or slogan that is designed specifically with a female doctor in mind. A cosmetic bag that has an image that looks like an X-ray of the bag's contents would be ideal for a female radiologist. If you want something really unusual, have something original printed on a cosmetic bag.

Female Doctor Wine Bottle Holder

If your female doctor is a wine connoisseur, then consider a wine bottle holder that is a sculpture of a female doctor. The wine bottle actually sits upright inside the body part of the metal sculpture, and the head is put on top of the bottle to complete this practical art work. It can also be used for bottles of other alcoholic beverages and is available at online stores.

Medical Symbol Earrings

Available online are earrings that have custom carved wooden medical symbols that feature a caduceus. These intricately carved earrings are an unusual gift for the female doctor and are good for someone who is environmentally conscious, as they are made from renewable and recycled materials. Alternatively, you can find a jeweller who works with silver and gems and have earrings or a pendant of the symbol made up together with the doctor's name.

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