Activities for Homebound Elderly

Written by kate bradley | 13/05/2017
Activities for Homebound Elderly
The homebound elderly should stay as active as possible. (Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images)

Even when elderly people are unable to leave their home, it's important that they stay busy, active and engaged with others. Fortunately, opportunities for interesting and enjoyable activities for homebound elderly are available with a little research and imagination.

Online Activities

A computer and Internet connection can help keep homebound seniors fully engaged, and even social. Through the Internet, elderly people can research favourite hobbies, chat with others, and stay informed. They can also play games, such as interactive Bingo, and do mental exercises to keep the mind sharp. With a webcam, microphone and a free Internet calling service, the homebound elderly can keep in touch with family members who live far away and see loved ones in real time on their computer screen. Homebound seniors can also find online work to supplement their income.


Homebound seniors who are in good health can help make a difference from the comfort of their own homes. Sewing enthusiasts can knit scarves, sweaters and winter hats for needy or homeless families. A woodworker can make simple furniture to furnish homeless shelters. Those who are able to cook can cook meals to be donated to people in need. Many shelters own vans that can pick up food donations.


Homebound seniors may need to rethink their hobbies. A book lover who can no longer get to the library can subscribe to an online book rental service or host a monthly book club in his home. For the gardener without access to an outdoor garden, indoor potted plants or a mini-garden on windowsills can be acceptable substitutes. Homebound seniors can also explore new hobbies, such as painting or flower arranging. To share hobbies, they can host a monthly board game or draughts tournament.


Staying home doesn't have to mean staying out of shape. Homebound seniors can be as fit and healthy as possible in a variety of ways. Simple calf raises and stretching can be done while watching TV. A set of light hand weights can be used by some homebound seniors to maintain their upper-body strength, while light ankle weights can help strengthen their legs. They can also utilise senior aerobics, Pilates or yoga DVDs to aid in flexibility and bone strength.

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