Breakfast in bed gift basket ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A breakfast-in-bed gift basket can be a memorable gift for almost any recipient. More than just food for the morning meal, this kind of gift basket has special touches that are designed to create a sumptuous morning event. Because breakfast provides the nutritional foundation for the rest of the day, it is important to provide healthy food choices. Just as important, however, are the other items and the thoughtful touches that go into preparing the gift basket.

The Tray

An attractive serving tray is the ideal container for a breakfast-in-bed gift basket. A tray is a creative alternative to the traditional wicker basket, and it coordinates with the breakfast-in-bed theme. It is also the perfect size to form a base for your gift.

Food Items

Fill your gift basket with gourmet foods that will create a breakfast feast. There will certainly be too much to consume in one breakfast, but that is part of the fun of this particular gift, and leftovers can be enjoyed at another time. Food items for the breakfast-in-bed gift basket could include country ham, old-fashioned pancake and waffle mix, real maple syrup, tiny jars of fruit preserves, old-fashioned honey, granola, Italian biscotti, tinned fruit and breakfast bars. You could even add a decadent gourmet chocolate bar.


No breakfast is complete without beverages. For this particular gift, a good choice would be a bottle of juice with antioxidant properties, such as pomegranate or blueberry. In addition, you could include a box of English breakfast tea and some high-end coffee beans if the recipient owns a coffee grinder, or coffee beans and a grinder if she does not. Otherwise, include an excellent ground coffee. Another good idea for a beverage is a good-quality hot chocolate mix.

Nonfood Items

In addition to the serving tray mentioned previously, other suggestions for nonfood items are a book of crossword puzzles or a magazine, a Belgian waffle maker if waffles are part of the plan, a wire whisk, bamboo spatula, mixing bowl with a pouring spout, coffee grinder, two matching mugs and napkins. If possible, the tray, mugs and napkins should be coordinated, at least with respect to colour. Finally, you should include a card on which to write a message.

Assembling the Gift Basket

The contents of your gift basket should be artistically arranged on the serving tray in accordance with some basic principles. First, choose an object to use as a focal point. This item should be larger, and possibly taller than anything else that you plan to place on the tray. For example, if you are giving a Belgian waffle maker or a coffee grinder, the larger of these will probably work best as the focal point. Place your focal point in the centre of the tray, but toward the back. Once it is in place, arrange everything else around it in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can even arrange some items on top of each other. If you have matching cups, try placing them on either side of your focal point. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, wrap the entire gift in cellophane and bring the ends together at the top to secure the items. Tie the ends together with a large bow.

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