Fancy Ways to Put on a Hijab

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Fancy Ways to Put on a Hijab
Using scarves in contrasting colours is a way to add visual interest without complicated folds. (Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images)

Hijab can be as much an expression of creativity as of modesty for Muslim women. The resurgence of religious commitment among young Muslims and emerging Muslim populations in Western Europe, Australia, and the Americas make for a growing group of women who want to be as fashionable as they are pious. While most women who wear hijab don't usually wear elaborate styles; holidays and other special occasions are the time when women wear their finest.


Some basic hijab styles may have two layers, but for some Egyptian styles, three or more scarves may be staggered from the hairline to the crown of the head. The scarves are draped at an angle, so that the edge of the scarf meets the hairline at one side and the ear at the other side. The scarves are pinned or tied to secure them. The scarves may be in different shades of the same hue, or two or more different hues.

Lift and Volume

Turkish hijab styles are known for a high, upturned brim, under which a second scarf will show. This is done by folding one corner of a square scarf down; then placing the folded corner over the head, the fold parallel to the hairline, and the folded corner next to the hair. The scarf is tied or pinned at the chin. There are plastic inserts available to help women who cannot master the upturned brim.

A hijab style that was developed in Dubai mimics the look of very long hair pulled up beneath a hijab. The woman or her stylist will make a high ponytail or bun, and place a hair ornament with a large flower or arrangement of feathers at the base of the ponytail or bun. A rectangular scarf will then be loosely wrapped around the head and pinned. This style is controversial due to a statement attributed to the prophet Muhammad condemning women with hair piled high.


Basic hijab styles can be embellished with flowers, fancy pins, headbands or ribbons. Hijab pins come in several styles, including straight pins, barrette-style pins, small brooches or larger pins with bows or flowers. The style of the pin will determine the best place to use it. Silk or genuine flowers can be pinned or tucked into a hijab's folds. Headbands and ribbons can be placed on top of the hijab after pinning or tying the hijab at the back of the head.

The subsequent draping of the hijab around the neck and chest will secure the headband or ribbon without hiding it. Braid two or more scarves together by draping each scarf over the head and tying at the back. Braid the scarves at the back of the head, then drape the braid over the head. Pin in place.

Twisting and Braiding

Twisting a scarf can help reduce its length; and braiding two or more scarves can highlight the contrast of different-coloured scarves. For a twisted style, place the scarf over your head so that one side is longer than the other. Pin the scarf at the back of your head. Twist the longer end of the scarf, and drape the twist over your head, about an inch away from the hairline. Stop twisting the scarf once the twisted part reaches all the way across your head. Tuck the end of the scarf in. Wear this with a high necked dress or shirt, or use a second scarf to cover your neck and chest.

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