Medion 8800 Specs

Written by kevin winters | 13/05/2017

The Medion MD8800 is a desktop computer produced by the German electronics manufacturer Medion. The 8800 is designed as a multimedia PC with a large hard drive, good graphics capabilities and built-in TV tuners. Medion also marketed the system as being very quiet when running.


The MD8800 uses an Intel Pentium D 8300, a dual-core processor with a speed of 3 gigahertz and a front-side bus speed of 800MHz. The processor uses two 1 MB L2 caches to make a temporary copy of small amounts of data used in calculations.


The MD8800 comes with 1 gigabyte of DDR2 SDRAM with a speed of 533MHz as standard. However, the computer can support 64-bit memory for efficient use of larger amounts of memory if this is upgraded.


The MD8800 has a large 250 GB hard drive, ideal for storing large amounts of music and video files. The hard drive uses the S-ATA 150 Interface, has an 8 MB cache and has a spindle speed of 7200rpm. These mean that it is very fast at reading and writing data.

Video and Audio Capabilities

This PC uses a high-end NVIDIA GeForce 6700 XL graphics card and Intel 8 High Definition Audio channel. The GPU (graphics processing unit) has a speed of 525MHz and uses 1GB of DDR3 RAM.

Live TV

The MD8800 also comes installed with three TV tuner cards for watching live TV on your PC. A DVB-S card for digital satellite reception, a DVB-T card for digital TV and an analogue TV card.

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