Colors That Go With Teal for a Wedding

Updated April 17, 2017

Use teal to evoke the ocean for a vibrant wedding colour. Teal is a colour with deep romantic meaning; it represents devotion and trust. Include teal in all aspects of the wedding such as the bridesmaids' dresses, centrepieces, wedding cake and flower arrangements. Add accents of a couple of complementary colours for a striking wedding colour scheme.


Add deep chocolate brown accents or soft taupe details to a teal wedding colour scheme for a rich result. Brown is an accent colour appropriate for a fall wedding because it brings in the earthiness of the season as well as adding a neutral contrast to the bright teal. For instance, incorporate brown into centrepieces by surrounding teal candles with brown rocks or placing teal candles in twig-covered votive holders.

Cream and White

Elevate the level of elegance and sophistication of a teal colour palette by including cream or white accents. One of the easiest ways to add cream or white to the wedding day is with flowers. Some of the possible flowers to go with a teal wedding are calla lilies or roses. Select a white wedding cake accented with teal ribbons, and add a teal table runner to white cloth table linens for other white and teal decorating possibilities.


Create a romantic wedding colour palette by pairing teal with soft pink. Use pink flowers such as roses, carnations or peonies for a delicate contrast to the strong teal hue. Mix teal and light pink table linens and candles for table decorations, or give a mixture of teal and pink iced biscuits for wedding favours. Add pink sashes to teal bridesmaids' dresses as another way to include both colours into the wedding.


Build on the ocean or peacock colour palette by adding aqua, turquoise or other shades of blue to the teal wedding colour scheme. Layering different shades of blue makes for a striking impact with wedding invitations, centrepieces or favours. Incorporate a peacock feather, ocean or paisley motif to unify all of the wedding day elements with the blue colour palette. Consider dressing bridesmaids in different shades of blue dresses for a creative way of including all of the shades of blue.

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