Oreo Gift Ideas

Written by jennifer haase | 13/05/2017
Oreo Gift Ideas
Oreo gifts can be enjoyed by the whole family. (Dynamic Graphics/Creatas/Getty Images)

Get creative with Oreo cookie-themed gift ideas for the whole family. There are candy gift companies that offer dipped Oreo cookies for ordering or you can make an Oreo treat at home. These cookies make a delicious ingredient for quick and simple gift ideas to share at parties and picnics. You can also give Oreo gifts that are more for the heart than the stomach.

Oreo Gift Tins

If you don't have time to make your own Oreo treats for gifts, shop on the Internet for candy companies that carry Oreo gift tins. Cookie HQ website offers chocolate dipped Oreos decorated for special themes like holidays and sports. Order custom Oreos with your logo if you need special business gifts. Or dip Oreo cookies in melted chocolate at home, add sprinkles and let them dry before putting them in a tin or attractive box for gift giving.

Share on Oreo Story

Nabisco, the makers of Oreo cookies, suggests filming a short video telling a story of how you love sharing Oreo cookies with the special people in your life. Your video could be funny or sentimental. Have fun with it. E-mail the video to the recipient of this sentimental gift and upload it to the Nabisco World website for its Oreo Moments page. Add the video to your blog, websites and YouTube page, too.

Oreo Cake

Decorating a cake with Oreo cookies is easy. Turn the Oreos on their sides and press them into the frosting until they stick in place on top of the cake. Add cake candles between the cookies. Or crush Oreo cookies first and sprinkle them on top of a freshly frosted cake. Put a sheet of Oreo cookie cake postage stamps in a card to give with the cake. Zazzle website sells these stamps, called Happy Birthday Postage.

Oreo Cookie Dipper

Do you have a friend who loves to dunk Oreo cookies in milk? Give him an Oreo cookie dipper. Watch for a new sandwich cookie dipping device, called the Dipr, coming to retail stores soon. A new product by a husband and wife inventor team, the Dipr is a plastic stick with a curved end that curls around the cookie. The Dipr also comes in kid-friendly character shapes. Check the Dipr website for updates on retail store locations.

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