Fiftieth Birthday Gifts to Send Overseas

Updated November 21, 2016

Being away from home can be difficult for anyone, especially for someone celebrating a milestone like a 50th birthday. Send some cheer and well wishes for the occasion by mailing a gift overseas. There are a variety of birthday ideas for 50-year-old men and women that can be packaged for international travel, including music, gift cards and mementos from home. You can also purchase a gift basket from a company that specialises in overseas deliveries.

Gift Card

It's hard to go wrong when you let the birthday 50-year-old pick her own gift. While you won't be able to go shopping together while she's overseas, send her a gift card so she can shop for her own gift abroad. Find out where she likes to buy clothes locally or her favourite restaurant. Many businesses' websites will let you purchase the gift card online. Just have it delivered to her address overseas.


Send the 50-year-old some new music with CDs or MP3s. Find out his favourite band and see if it has any new releases, or pick out a group you think he'll like. Buy the CD to send abroad, or cut down on shipping costs by sending a gift card, which he can use to buy the music in an MP3 format. You can also create a mix CD as a 50th birthday gift. Compile a line-up of songs from each of the five decades he's lived through or tunes that showcase his home country.

Gift Basket

Send a gift basket to the birthday girl through a company that specialises in international delivery. There are many websites offering these overseas services, and they allow you to choose from a variety of basket themes. These packages can include gifts such as candy, flowers, wines, cheeses and cakes that will be delivered right to the 50-year-old's door. You don't have to worry about shipping costs or packaging because it's all taken care of through the company.

Mementos from Home

Give a taste of home for his 50th birthday by sending mementos from his home country. This could be his favourite candies, chips or even condiments that he can't find abroad. Take pictures of friends and family members who miss him, and accompany this with birthday wishes and notes from each one. Buy postcards from the area or take your own photos of his hometown. These simple gifts will be a comforting and thoughtful gift for the 50-year-old as he celebrates his birthday abroad.

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