Weird Surprise Party Ideas

Written by kim durant
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  • Introduction

    Weird Surprise Party Ideas

    Surprise parties are unusual because they involve springing something unexpected upon the birthday person. If the party recipient has already enjoyed a surprise party in recent years or if he has hobbies, pastimes or aesthetic preferences considered "weird," plan a party to match. Tweak one element of a traditional surprise party, such as guest attire, activities or location, to make it "weird" but still enjoyable for the guests and the party recipient.

    Dressing in unseasonable or not-useful attire (like a snorkel) can make a surprise party weird. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

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    Fancy Restaurant Fakeout Party

    Tell the party recipient to prepare for dinner at an upscale restaurant. Designate one person (perhaps the recipient's romantic partner) to inform the unsuspecting recipient of the false restaurant plans. Meanwhile, organise a surprise party at a local dive bar with a distinctly downscale look. Make sure all the party attendees dress to match the less-than-haute vibe of the real party destination. Drive the party recipient to the dive bar, saying you need to pick up your cell phone that was accidentally left with a friend. Call the recipient from inside the bar, and have him come in, only to be greatly surprised -- and weirdly overdressed for the real celebration.

    Reserve a fancy dinner for another night so the birthday person doesn't feel disappointed. (Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images)

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    Gender-Bending Party

    Throw a regular surprise party, only have all the party attendees sport attire, make-up and hairstyles more typically associated with the opposite gender. Consider gathering an hour or so in advance of the party recipient's expected arrival to put on fake moustaches or nudge strategically placed socks and water balloons into place. When the party recipient arrives and is surprised, immediately hustle her into a gender-bending getup.

    The attire can be black-tie or over-the-top outrageous. (Jeff Randall/Photodisc/Getty Images)

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    Alien Surprise Party

    Leave the party recipient a trail of clues in the form of cryptic notes leading to the rendezvous place -- the place where the surprise party attendees will be gathered. Hold the party in a cornfield, an abandoned-looking barn, a rented venue that resembles a military base, or a similarly weird and vaguely sinister place that calls to mind Area 51 and alien encounters. Have all the party attendees wear alien masks for the initial jumping-out and shouting "Surprise" portion of the party.

    It is not necessary to do the party planning in costume -- but you can if you want. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

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    Creature Visit Party

    Hire a critter wrangler to bring a menagerie of bizarre creatures to the surprise party as entertainment. Critter wranglers often specialise in a certain kind of creature, such as snakes, spiders or birds. Alternately, hold the party at a reptile centre or animal farm. Invent a pretence to get the party recipient to go to the centre.

    Ask a children's birthday party planner about local critter-mobiles. (NA/ Images)

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