Unique Birthday Ideas for Adults

Updated February 21, 2017

As you get older, coming up with ways to celebrate a birthday becomes more difficult. You've already partied at bars and clubs, hosted a backyard barbecue or dinner party, and held your birthday celebration at a restaurant. This year, whether you're turning 25 or 50, think outside the box and do something truly unique for your birthday.

Kid's Party

Bring back all the fun and nostalgia of your childhood birthday parties by giving your adult birthday party a kid theme. For decorations, use crepe streamers and balloons in primary colours. Hand out pointy birthday hats and noise makers to the guests. The birthday person gets to wear a paper crown for the day. Play children's games such as pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs. Order a bouncy house to play in. Serve birthday cake on paper plates with cartoon characters---Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse or Sponge Bob---on them. Don't forget the cartoon character napkins, too.

Decade Theme

Pick a decade from the birthday person's life such as the 1950s, 1970s or 1980s and develop a party theme around it. Guests can dress up in clothing from that time period, such as poodle skirts from the '50s or legwarmers from the '80s. Post pictures of the birthday person during that decade. Play music or TV shows from the time period in the back ground. For entertainment, play a trivia game about the decade.

City Theme

Maybe the birthday person has a city she has always wanted to see or return to but can't afford a vacation. For her birthday, bring the city to her. Decorate a room to look like Paris with posters of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and L'Arc de Triomphe. Have party guests wear berets. Serve French appetizers. For New York, decorate with pictures of Times Square, Central Park and the Statute of Liberty. Or decorate different parts of the room to look like Chinatown, Little Italy and Midtown. Eat food that street vendors would sell. You could do a London, Tokyo, Rome, Chicago or Miami party, as well.

Slumber Party

Throw an adult slumber party for the birthday person. It can even be a co-ed slumber party. Invite a small group of close friends over for the night. Have them bring sleeping bags and pillows, just like an old fashioned slumber party. Change into your pyjamas, order a pizza and make daiquiris or margaritas to drink. Rent a bunch of DVDs to watch---either scary movies or romantic comedies. Play classic slumber party games like truth or dare and light as a feather, stiff as a board. Stay up half the night talking and giggling, then sleep in late the next morning.

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