Ideas for a Small Bathroom Remodel With Dark Tiles

Updated February 21, 2017

Dark tiles in grey, black or purple can give a bathroom space an upscale look. There are many interesting ways to use dark tiles on flooring or walls. A small bathroom will have a high-quality look, if you take time to plan details. It's important to use fixtures and faucets that are costlier in a small bathroom. Everything will show up more in a small space, so invest in the best materials you can afford.

Mix Dark With Light

Create light in the small space during the initial design. For example, sketch the space to include a large mirror on one wall or a large window. Adding dark tiles can make the space seem smaller if you fail to use a few techniques to expand the space. For example, if you use 9-inch black shiny tiles on the floor, add stark white grout to enlarge the floor space visually. Install a mixture of dark and light tiles on a sink vanity as well.

Infuse Walls With Light

Use light materials on most of the wall spaces. You can, for instance, use light brown tiles on three of the walls and the floor. But, you can create a fourth wall with light brown tiles interspersed with dark brown tiles. Use a few dark brown tiles in the floor pattern, too. Try using cinnamon-coloured towels to tie everything together.

Use Jewel Tones

You might want to create a very artistic bathroom. Use, for example, 6-inch white tiles interspersed with deep burgundy 2-inch tiles turned on a diagonal. By installing tiny tiles in dark jewel-tones, such as deep purple, burgundy and dark green, you can make a small bathroom floor a true work of art. Add these darker jewel-toned colours around the top border of a 5-foot-high wall of white tile. Paint the top half of the room white, but use towels in various jewelled-toned colours to match the darker tiles.

Add Dark Tiles to Flooring

Gray tiles can give a slatelike finish. Use textured, dark grey tiles on the floor of a bathroom with white walls and white fixtures. Install brushed nickel faucets and handles to harmonise with the grey tiles. Use light grey and stark white bath towels together for a high-tech bath design.

Feature Vanity Wall Space

Put focus on the vanity sink wall. The vanity area should be the focal point of any bathroom, so use dark tile to direct attention to this space. In a small bathroom, you can add black, dark brown or burgundy tile on the wall starting roughly 12 inches above the sink space. Install a section of dark tile approximately 2 feet high from left to right across this wall. Add an ornate mirror above it to call further attention to the vanity wall.

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