Methods for Hanging Curtains

You probably don't think about the many ways to hang curtains until you are confronted with an unusual window or situation. You can hang curtains several ways. Some ways to hang curtains are based on creating a certain look in a room; other ways are necessary based on how the window is positioned, its size, shape or the function of the curtain.

Decorator Rods

The most common way to hang curtains is with a decorator rod. The curtain may have built-in tabs, grommets or pockets, or you can attach curtain rod rings that have an alligator-type clip that hooks onto the curtain. This style of curtain rod requires that you slide the curtains to the side with your hands, and the curtains hang somewhat casually on the rod.

Traverse Rods

Traverse curtain rods are used for formal curtains that are professionally pleated. The rod may look like a decorator rod, but the rod hides a slide system. The slides hang down from the underside of the rod, and the curtain attaches to the slides using a drapery hook. The drapes are typically lined and heavy. They open using a cord that is attached to the wall on one side of the drapes.

Ceiling Tracks

Ceiling track curtain systems are becoming more common as more homes are built with large window walls. The curtain rod is eliminated and a track is mounted to the ceiling, which allows curtains to run the full length of the wall for a seamless, modern look. Ceiling tracks screw directly into ceiling joists and utilise sliders or slide eyes. The curtains can be motorised or manual and curtains are hung using drapery hooks.

Fixed Curtains

Fixed curtains can be mounted above a window on rods or posts. The curtains are designed to remain in one position. These types of fixed rods are particularly good for unusual window shapes, such as oval, round, curved top or arched windows. The rod supports the curtain using circle clips, hook and loop tape, snaps, pockets, tabs or other curtain connectors.

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