Under the Sea Dress Up Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The sea hides wonderful and mysterious creatures. If you have a birthday party, Halloween party or theme party with an "under the sea" theme coming up, you may want to use the opportunity to make yourself an imaginative costume. Sea life is diverse, and there are a variety of fish and underwater plants that you can dress up as.

Sea Creatures

Choose a fish that you would like to dress like. Do a little research to know how the fish moves and understand its colours and texture. Try to find out a tight-fitting costume that exactly matches the colour of the fish you have chosen. Make the fish body by cutting pieces from foam boards and sewing them together. Do not forget to paint them and enhance the look by adding scales, eyes and fins. In addition to paint, you may add sequins or other fabrics. To become a jelly fish, wear an umbrella on your head and let some ribbons hang down from it. To dress up like a star fish, wear normal clothes and make a star with foam board and wear it around yourself.


A mermaid is a fictional creature whose top body is like a human and below the waist is like a fish. This is a great costume for girls. Wear a swimming costume top or a colourful bra that can be decorated with embellishments like shells, stones and flowers. Take a long blue, green or blue-green colour shimmery cloth and start wrapping it around the waist and then down the legs tightly. Add accessories like a seashell covered headband to long, flowing hair and other hair accessories like ocean-inspired necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Dressing up like a submarine is a little complicated, but worth it. Submarine costumes are usually made of cardboard and will require a big space to move around. Although you will not be able to move your arms freely, as this will be a heavier and bigger costume, you are sure to catch some attention at the party. Use the cardboard and mould it in the shape of a submarine. Make portholes on both sides to allow your arms to stick out. Use markers to decorate the submarine and complete the look by wearing tights that match.


Make a fish aquarium using sturdy cardboard. Cut a hole on the top for the head to stick out, one on the bottom for the legs and one on each side for arms. Glue blue construction paper so that it looks like water. Cut out different coloured fish and plants on construction paper and stick them on the blue paper. Wear shades of blue underneath the cardboard aquarium.

Cartoon Characters

Many cartoon characters live underwater. If you are a fan of any, dress up like one. Popular costumes are characters from "Finding Nemo," "The Little Mermaid" and "Sponge Bob, Square Pants."

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