Persuasive Essay Topics to Write About

Updated July 19, 2017

When writing a persuasive essay, your goal is to get your reader to agree with your point of view or argument. The key to a good persuasive essay is to pick a topic that you feel strongly about and that interests you. You also want to select a topic that has an opposing perspective that can be argued. If your topic is fact, there is no persuasion needed. Ask yourself what the opposing viewpoint is before beginning your essay.

Political Topics

Politics, whether local, national or global, encompass topics that most people feel passionately about and make good fodder for persuasive essays. Political issues can include social and legal aspects and will have two opposing sides to argue. Some possible political topics are the pros and cons of U.S. involvement in foreign conflicts, gay marriage, the death penalty, abortion, raising taxes versus cutting the budget, legalisation of drugs, global warming, feminism in America, and government-run health care.

Technology Topics

Technology is an everyday part of most people's lives, making it a great subject for a persuasive essay. Because technological advances happen so quickly, there are opposing opinions about technology's lasting effect on society. The following are examples of topics involving technology: the negative and positive effects of the Internet, violence in video games, media bias, the positive and negative effects of text messaging on communication, hands-free laws, cell phone safety, the effects of social networking on society, cyber-bullying, and the effects of television on children.

School Topics

Essays that focus on a topic related to school and education will most likely interest your reader, be it a fellow student or teacher. Education is a subject often debated by parents, politicians, students and educators, and it has relevancy to most people at some point in their lives. Topics dealing with school and education include home schooling versus public schooling, school dress codes or uniforms, school bullying, year-round school year versus the traditional school year, and violence in schools.

Personal Topics

Persuasive essays don't always have to focus on serious topics. For a more lighthearted approach, you can choose to write your essay on things relevant to your everyday life. This is often an unexpected way to approach a persuasive essay and could gain your audience's favour for being creative. The following are examples of personal topics: the best flavour or brand of soda, the worst day of the week, the greatest band of all time, and why you should have a later curfew.

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