Pirate Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

"Arrrgh, Matey!" will be heard throughout the day during a pirate-themed birthday party. Red bandannas, eye patches and threats of being made to walk the plank all add to the exciting atmosphere of a pirate party. A pirate treasure chest birthday cake can do a lot to reinforce the theme and to change a lot of those "arrrghs" to "ooohhs" and "aahhhhs" from guests.

Cake Inside a Treasure Chest

If you have access to a full-sized treasure chest or steamer trunk, use it to create a memorable pirate treasure cake. If you don't have a chest, consider using an old bottom draw or making a chest out of a large cardboard box that has been painted brown to resemble wood grain or gold. Decorate a sheet cake to look like a treasure. Use gold icing to frost the top of the cake, and put chocolate gold coins on the top. Drape costume jewellery on the top of the cake, too. Place the cake that resembles the treasure inside a full-sized treasure chest. Keep the chest closed until it is time to eat cake, then lift the lid and surprise everyone with what is inside.

Treasure Chest Cake Topper

Look for a treasure chest cake topper to make a pirate party cake. Craft stores and bakery supply stores carry cake toppers. If you are unable to find a small treasure chest at these stores, check out the toy aisle or a dollar store for a small treasure chest toy. Decorate the top of a sheet cake to look like a pirate map. Make a large "X" and put the treasure chest on top of it for an adventurous pirate cake.

Treasure Chest-Shaped Cake

Request that your baker make a cake in the shape of a treasure chest. He may bake it in a cake mould in the shape of a treasure chest, or he might sculpt a cake to resemble a treasure chest. If you are planning on making the cake yourself, use a treasure chest-shaped cake mould to create it. Use chocolate icing to frost the cake and resemble wood. Use various sprinkles and gold icing to create the treasure inside the chest.

Treasure Chest Cake Scene

Create a pirate treasure chest birthday cake simply by using icing to draw the image of an open wood chest that is full of all types of treasure. Use a real chest or a picture of one as a guide to create the image on the cake. Use black icing for details such as the grain of the wood. Use chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil to line the edges of the cake. A blue border can represent water.

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