Easy Paper Mache Projects

Paper mache is a mixture of paper pieces and glue, wallpaper paste or another adhesive. Once the mixture dries, it becomes hard and retains whatever shape it was moulded into when wet. To create your own paper mache, tear a bunch of old newspaper into strips of varying sizes. Mix one part white glue with one part water in a large bowl to create a paper mache paste. Dip the newspaper strips into the glue mixture one at a time to saturate them. Hold the strip over the bowl and run it through your fingers to get rid of the extra paste before using it in your particular project.

Paper Mache Balloon

Blow up a balloon to the desired size and tie it shut. Tie a ribbon onto the tail of the balloon and hang it up by the ribbon. Begin layering strips of newspaper covered in paper mache paste until the balloon is completely covered in at least three layers of newspaper strips. Allow the paper mache to dry between each layer. Once the paper mache is dry, use a sewing pin to pop the inner balloon. Paint and decorate your paper mache balloon.

Piggy Bank

Paper mache a balloon. After it is dry, paint the balloon pink and tape five paper egg carton sections onto the balloon, four for legs and one for a snout. Curl a pink pipe cleaner and stick it in the end of the balloon for a tail. Draw on eyes and cut a slit along the top of the body to put in coins.

Light Bulb Ornament

Cover a light bulb with at least three layers of paper mache, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next one. Once it is completely dry, paint the light bulb with holiday colours or designs. Tie a ribbon around the neck and secure it with a couple drops of glue. Once dry, hang it on the Christmas tree or give it as a Christmas gift.


Take a piece of aluminium foil twice the size of your face and fold it in half. Press the double layer of foil over your face to create an imprint. Place wadded up newspaper in any curves in the tinfoil to help it hold the shape. Cover the foil mould with at least four layers of paper mache, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. Once dry, cut out holes for eyes and punch a hole in each side to add ribbon. Decorate in any manner you desire.


Cover an empty glass or plastic juice container with at least three layers of paper mache. The paper mache should extend straight up beyond the rim of the container by an inch. Paint the vase when it is dry, then fill with water and fresh flowers.


Paper mache a balloon. When it is dry, use a utility knife to cut out a large section of the top to make one basket or cut the balloon in half to make two baskets. Tape a cardboard strip or long pipe cleaner to each side of the basket to make a handle and decorate as desired.

Paper Beads

Instead of cutting newspaper into strips, cut each piece of newspaper into a triangle approximately 2 1/2 inches long. Cover the inside of each triangle with paper mache paste. Wrap the triangle around a drinking straw, starting with the wide end. Cut off any exposed straw and set the bead aside to dry. Once all beads are dry they can be painted and used to make necklaces, bracelets and other pieces of jewellery.

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