Toolbox cake ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Toolbox cakes are great for people who work in a trade where they regularly use a toolbox, for people who have just started a new job in a trade, or even just for kids or adults who are big fans of construction or Bob the Builder. There are a few different ways to make a toolbox cake, and all are relatively easy.

Closed toolbox

A basic closed toolbox can be made using sheet cakes stacked to create the shape of a toolbox. Add icing and details, such as a handle on the top of the box and a closure lock on the front, made from fondant and give the cake a more authentic feel. Choose a colour icing that you like and you can even use a second colour icing to write the person's name on the toolbox. Using pink is great if you are making a girlie toolbox, and brown and red make great colours for boys. Buy plastic tools from a toy store, such as a mini hammer and a mini screwdriver, and lay these around the cake on the platter.

Individual tools

One idea for making a toolbox cake is to select certain tools and create these as displays on top of a regular rectangular cake. For example, choose the hammer, ruler and spirit level and make these separately to place on top of a normal sheet cake. Ice the sheet cake in whatever colour you like; make the tools from fondant. Let the fondant tools dry for a few days, and then arrange them on top of the iced sheet cake. Other tools to consider are saws, screwdrivers, rulers and clamps.

Cupcake toolbox

To take the basic toolbox cake to another level, bake two dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Sketch out the shape of a hammer onto a sheet of cardboard and cut the shape out. Once the cupcakes are cooked arrange them on top of the cut out template. Ice them with tinted frosting using brown or tan for the hammer's handle and silver or grey icing for the hammer's head. This idea can be applied to any tool shape, including nails and screwdrivers. A measuring tape can also be made using yellow frosting and a table of black decorater's gel. Buy a plastic tool box from a toy store and sit it beside the cupcake tool.

Construction scene

If you want to incorporate the idea of a toolbox cake into a whole construction scene, make a simple sheet cake in your favourite flavour and ice the cake with green icing to represent grass. Crumble up a few chocolate cookies and place the crumbs into two or three mounds around the cake to represent dirt mounds. Buy a dump truck or bulldozer as well as a mini toolbox and individual tools from a toy store, and arrange these around the cake to create a full construction scene.

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