80s Makeup Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

When it comes to make-up, the 1980s bold and daring style is hard to forget. What goes around comes around, and, on the runway today, there is a strong 80s resurgence both in fashion and make-up. An 80s style can be achieved by mastering bright and bold eye make-up, even brighter lips and accentuated cheek bones. By following a few simple tips, you can achieve the 80s make-up style of your dreams.


Brightly coloured lips are a classic 80s trend. The brighter the lips, the better. Fuchsia, blue and green are just some of the colours you can expect to see. It is often difficult to find lipstick in these colours, so try making your own by mixing bright eye shadow with petroleum jelly, such as vaseline, to create the right lipstick texture.


Keep the foundation pale, using a foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin colour. When it comes to 80s foundation, you want to look like you're not wearing any. This is contrasted by the use of bright pink and red blusher, lots of it to accentuate the cheek bones.


80s make-up is all about contrast. Once you have applied a light foundation, use a stark black eyeliner to frame your eyes. Now it is back to the bright colours as you create a smoky eye using an electric-coloured eye shadow. Use a bold second colour to capture the 80s glam feel. Try applying a coat of lip gloss over your eye make-up to create a futuristic shine. Complete the look with faux eye lashes.

80s Men

While women's 80s make-up was pushing the boundaries of bold, men were not too far behind. Thick black eyeliner, pale foundation and shiny lip gloss were common among men, a look made famous by stars such as David Bowie and Robert Smith.

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