Cake Ideas for a 55th Anniversary

Written by jennifer mullett | 13/05/2017
Cake Ideas for a 55th Anniversary
The 55th wedding anniversary is a milestone anniversary. (Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images)

Traditionally the 55th anniversary gift is an emerald, but today another option is turquoise. Both of these jewels can be used to create a memorable anniversary cake. Whether you choose to use the colour or to replicate the jewel itself, there are many options for designing the right cake for the occasion.

Emerald Cake

Have a cake made with an emerald design. If you order the cake from a bakery, it is helpful if you bring a few pictures of the style of emerald you wish to see on the cake. One idea is to have a rectangular emerald designed into the icing off to one side, with the couple's original wedding date inscribed next to it. Or have a simple message written in the icing. Another idea is to make your own emeralds by melting green candies and pouring the sugary mixture into candy moulds. The resulting "emeralds" can be used to decorate the cake however you wish.

Number Cake

Another idea is to have the bakery form a cake in the shape of a 55. The cake can then be decorated however you like. Incorporate turquoise into the design with the icing or with embellishments and candy. Another idea is to create an elegant cake with turquoise swirls or geometric patterns and top it with a 55 cake topper. Or, for a cake with many tiers, make your own topper and pair it with a wedding couple topper. For instance, use a half-moon-shaped piece of Bristol board, paint a simple yet elegant design and include the number 55.

Photographic or Novelty Cake

For a photographic cake, find a picture of the couple from their wedding day and a current picture to create a "now and then" cake. Most bakeries are able to add a photo to the top of a sheet cake if the cake is ordered well in advance. Another idea is to use a baby picture of each partner, placed next to one another on the cake. Novelty cakes can be created in many different shapes and sizes. Create a cake to represent what the couple's life has been about together. Emulate what each has been passionate about or a passion they shared together.


Cupcakes are a popular choice for anniversaries and weddings alike. One idea is to ice the cupcakes with a thick white butter cream and place a green ring pop candy in the centre of each one. The tiny cakes when displayed together will sparkle like candy emerald rings. Other ideas include using green candy to sprinkle on the top of each cake. For white frosted cakes, place a single green candy in the centre and dust sparkling sugar on top of each cupcake.

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