Characteristics of an Aquarius Male & Female

Updated March 23, 2017

Aquarius is a dynamic and contradictory sign of the zodiac. Loving and creative, open-minded and optimistic, Aquarians are consistent only in their inconsistencies. In keeping with this sign's idiosyncratic nature, its exact dates are difficult to pin down, though most sources have it beginning Jan. 20 or 21 and ending Feb. 18 or 19. Men and women born under the sign of Aquarius excel in relationships.

Aquarius Males

Independence is a major trait of Aquarius men. Although happy to engage in interpersonal relationships, Aquarius men need space, both physical and spiritual, to remain committed partners. Highly in tune with their thoughts and emotions, these men are highly verbal and need to communicate to be happy. A disregard for the opinions of others makes an Aquarius man seem non-traditional, but he is always tolerant of the beliefs of others. Just don't expect that you can make and Aquarius male conform; his natural independence and artistic aptitude will make him rebel.

Aquarius Females

If an Aquarius man can be difficult to pin down, an Aquarius female is even more unpredictable. Their need for independence rivals that of their male counterparts, and trapping their free spirits would damage this woman's need for tolerance and open-mindedness. Impulsive and generous, an Aquarius woman would rather spend than save. In relationships, Aquarius females make excellent friends and lovers, and they will often attempt to remain friends after a relationship is over. They are intensely loyal, and they rarely stray from their romantic partners.

Compatible Signs

In relationships, Aquarius men and women are considered most compatible with those born under Gemini, Libra, Aries and Saggitarius. Both also find happiness in relationships with other Aquarians.

Famous Aquarians

Famous Aquarius males include Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth, Garth Brooks and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres were also born under the sign of Aquarius.

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