Things to Engrave on a Locket

Updated April 17, 2017

A locket is more than just a beautiful necklace; it is an intimate keepsake. Along with looking lovely, many lockets open to reveal a picture that has been placed inside of something or someone important to the wearer. Having the locket engraved will make this personal piece of jewellery even more special.


Having a name engraved is one way to add a personal touch to a locket. To make a statement or show off who she is, the wearer may wish to have her own name engraved on the outside of the locket. Often, lockets hold a picture of an individual who is dear to the wearer, such as a parent, husband or child. For example, a mother may consider having the locket engraved with the name of her child.


Having an important date engraved on the locket will help the wearer commemorate the occasion. An engraving of the wearer's birthday makes it a thoughtful birthday gift, or an heirloom that can be passed down. The locket can also celebrate other important dates, such as a wedding or anniversary, by having it engraved and even featuring a picture from the day, such as a wedding portrait. A locket that boasts the picture of a loved one, such as a daughter, may benefit from an engraving of her birthday.


Various designs and symbols make a plain locket more interesting, as well as prettier. The wearer can select an icon or symbol that is particularly significant to him or her. Religious symbols, such as a cross or star of David, give the locket spiritual importance. A family crest or a Celtic knot may also mean something to the wearer. Engravings on lockets do not need to contribute significance to the jewellery; sometimes they can just add aesthetic value. For instance, a flower will give a delicate detail to a locket.

Messages or Quotes

People wishing to give a locket as a gift may opt to have a message engraved on it. Although the message will likely need to be short, because of the limited space on a locket, it is sure to make an impression on the person who receives it. Even a simple sentence, such as "I love you!" will make the locket much dearer. Others may opt to have a short quote added to their locket, to inspire them or simply to enjoy.

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