Children's Crafts for Jonah & the Whale

Updated March 23, 2017

Jonah and the whale is a story told in the Bible, in the book of Jonah. A whale swallowed Jonah after he disobeyed God. Jonah asked God for forgiveness and after three days was delivered onto dry land from the belly of the whale. After teaching children about the story of Jonah, you can make a craft to help the children remember the story.

Foam Whale

Before the lesson or storytelling, trace a whale shape onto a piece of craft foam. If the children are old enough, have them cut out the whale shape, use markers to draw the whale's eye and fins. Images of Jonah can be downloaded from the Internet and printed onto paper for the children to cut out as well. To make the whale's tongue, tape or glue a blowout party favour to the back of the whale. Have the children colour Jonah, unroll the blowout and place Jonah in the middle of the blowout. When the children blow on the party favour the whale will spit Jonah out.

Fingerprint Whale

Have the children use their own thumbprints to make a whale on construction paper. To do this, use a full thumbprint for the body of the whale and fingertips to make the fins. The children can draw or paint Jonah on the paper, either on dry land or as if he is being swallowed. Let the children use their imaginations.

Beanbag Game

The children will have fun throwing Jonah in the mouth of a whale using a beanbag and milk jug. Draw Jonah on a beanbag you have made or purchased. With a knife cut out an opening in the bottom of a gallon milk jug for the mouth of the whale. Paint the jug to look like a whale. Attach construction paper to the mouth of the jug to create the whale's fins. Let the children take turns throwing the Jonah into the mouth of the whale.

Paper Bag Whale

This paper bag whale will have Jonah stuffed into the body of the whale. Let the children paint or colour a whale onto a paper bag. Stuff the whale with paper or quilt stuffing. Add Jonah to the bag. With a rubber band, close the end of the bag to make the fins of the whale. You can use construction paper to make fins and glue them onto the finished bag.

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