Fun texting games to play with your boyfriend

Updated April 17, 2017

Being able to communicate on an ongoing basis can strengthen a relationship. Use your mobile phone to text a boyfriend to remind him of the bond you share. Keep the messages lighthearted and never so demanding that they get frustrating. Remember he might not be able to read them immediately if he is working or driving. Tease him with fun texting games that do not have a time limit for a response, such as guessing games and fun challenges.

Song Lyrics

This game works great if have a favourite song or a particular artist you both admire. Type the first few lyrics of a song and challenge him to continue. Better yet, change the wording in a refrain to something silly or serious depending on your mood. See if he catches on and continues. The song can be a meaningful way to link you two during the day.

Name a Celebrity

Just about everyone has heard of at least a half-dozen reality-television celebrities. Think of one and see how many titbits about the celeb's life you can recall from the tabloids or small screen. Without giving the name, see if your boyfriend can guess. If your guy is a sports fan, pick a star player and do the same thing.

Word Games

A great way to show your smarts and to increase the vocabulary you share as a couple is to introduce a new word and word meaning each day. Take turns texting and choose the most outrageous word with multiple syllables. It will be like playing your own version of the popular word game Scrabble in cyberspace.

Funny Graphics

Most mobile phones come preloaded with a variety of graphics and tones that can be sent via a text message. Put a smile on his face by sending one with a goofy expression underneath. This texting may seem juvenile, both after a long day in the office or in class, it is bound to put a smile on his face. Stay away from anything too graphic or sexual in nature.

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