Homemade 70th Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Homemade gifts are a great way to show someone how much you care through the extra time and effort you put into their present. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for someone's 70th birthday party, consider making a homemade gift. There are numerous gifts you can make that not only will save you a little money but are sure to let the recipient know just how much you appreciate him or her.

Picture Frame

Picture frames always make great gifts and are easy do-it-yourself projects for people of all ages to complete. You can purchase an unfinished wood picture frame rather inexpensively at craft stores or online. Using paints, ribbon, seashells or other adornments, decorate the plain picture frame to your liking. Use a fine-tip permanent marker or some paint to add names or dates to the frame. Be as creative as you like with your blank frame canvas. When the frame is complete, put a special photo inside to allow the recipient to reflect upon a fond memory of the past on their special day.

Blanket or Quilt

If you or someone you know can sew, try making a blanket or patchwork quilt for a 70th birthday gift. To make the quilt or blanket extra special, use material from old clothing, T-shirts, blankets or other fabrics that may have special meaning to the recipient. You can use material from an old apron they once wore, a favourite dress from their younger days or material from their child's christening gown. You can also use old lace or material as a trim. Whichever materials you use, make sure to point out the special fabrics you incorporated into the "quilt of love." This is sure to be a memorable gift that will allow the person receiving it to reflect upon happy times in their life on their 70th birthday.


Create a your own scrapbook as a homemade 70th birthday present. Use a range of photos in your project and ones that include a variety of individuals and time periods during the recipient's life. Arrange the photos in groups, such as family, friends and important events, or chronologically so that it flows together in a logical way. Include other memorabilia, such as pressed and dried flowers, notes or ticket stubs in your scrapbook to make the book extra special.


If you are looking for a simple, homemade 70th birthday gift that won't break the bank, consider giving an edible gift. You can make and decorate a birthday cake or make the individual's favourite desert to celebrate the important day. You can also treat them to their favourite homemade meal or recreate one of their favourite recipes as a gift. If you are a more artistically inclined individual, try crafting your own fruit bouquet. This is easily done by placing sliced or whole fruits on wooden kebabs and sticking these kebabs in a piece of styrofoam that you place inside a decorative vase. Arrange the kebabs in a visually pleasing way and you are sure to have a beautiful and healthy gift for the recipient.

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