How Often Do You Water Flowers?

Written by hans fredrick
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How Often Do You Water Flowers?
Watering flowers on the right schedule is key to their survival. (Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images)

Water is one of the most critical components needed for a plant's survival. Without enough moisture, all plants die quickly. Therefore, if you grow flowers in your garden or in your house, you need to learn how often they need water. A proper water schedule ensures healthy and long-lived flowers.

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What Type of Flower Is It?

This is maybe the most important question to ask yourself when you figure out how often to water your flowers. Certain varieties of primrose, for example, thrive on high amounts of water, and can even survive being submerged during heavy rains. Orchids on the other hand, need much less water. A typical orchid should be watered only once every five to 12 days. Much more than that could stunt its development or kill it.

Natural Water

If it rains, you need to count that as a regular watering for outdoor flowers. In fact, you also need to judge the amount of rain that you received, as a longer downpour is going to mean that you should wait longer before watering your flowers again than if you receive a brief shower. You need to judge your watering schedule based on the amount of rain that you get, so it varies from year to year and even week to week.

Indoor or Outdoor Plants

The environment that you keep a plant in affects how often it needs to be watered. For example, if you have a stretch of hot and dry days, flowers need more frequent watering. Indoor plants aren't subjected to the heat that outdoor plants get, so less frequent watering is required, except for in certain situations. Plants in clay pots or plants with root systems that are filling the pot require more frequent watering. Glass and plastic pots retain moisture, unlike clay.

Testing the Plant

The best way to know how often to water flowers is to simply test them. A simple look at the soil that your flowers are planted in should tell you if it needs water or not. If the soil is dry, light coloured or cracked, the flowers definitely need water. If it is dark and springy to the touch, they are likely all right for a while yet. Picking up a plant before and after watering can also help you learn how to evaluate by its heaviness the amount of water in the soil. Finally, a moisture meter can provide you with a definitive answer about the soil's moisture content.

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