Ideas to Dress Up for an Underwater Disco

Updated April 17, 2017

A shimmering underwater theme works well for a disco party, and there are plenty of options to choose from when creating a costume. Sparkling mermaid or tropical fish costumes look fabulous under disco lights, while dressing as Neptune make yous king of the dance floor. If you're no disco diva, dress as a disco diver instead and hide behind a scuba mask.


A sexy, sparkly mermaid costume is perfect for a disco; just make sure you can walk and, more importantly, dance in it. Make or buy a long fishtail skirt in shimmering fabric; a sequinned material would be ideal. Wear a metallic bikini top or corset. Stick large shells to a headband or tiara and spray them silver. Add lots of gold and silver jewellery. Use a green feather boa that looks like seaweed. Leave long hair hanging loose, or consider wearing a long wig.

King Neptune

A King Neptune costume is easy to create and is a great look for the dance floor. If you are a man who is confident in his beach body, go bare chested. Otherwise wear a plain white tunic or oversized white T-shirt. Drape a long length of shimmering silver or gold material around you, toga-style. Make a simple crown from construction paper and spray it silver or gold. Make a trident by gluing a piece of card stock to a long stick or garden pole and spraying it with metallic paint. For a finishing touch, borrow or buy a long white wig and beard.

Tropical Fish

Any shimmering, metallic dress would be suitable for this costume -- keep it tight-fitting to create a sleek look. Orange and white creates a "Finding Nemo" style. Add metallic face paint in matching colours and possibly a co-ordinating wig. Add some fish-shaped earrings and a necklace; make your own from air-dry modelling clay and spray them with metallic paint.

Scuba Diver

Use items from your closet or borrow items from friends who dive. A wetsuit may be too hot to wear for a disco. Consider wearing Hawaiian shorts and a T-shirt under a life-jacket instead. A scuba mask is essential, but a tank is optional; it may be heavy to wear for a whole evening. Similarly, flippers may be fun to start out in but will probably cramp your disco-dancing style.


Wear a silver sparkly outfit, such as leggings and a corset. Use a clear umbrella as the body of the jellyfish and tape or glue silver ribbons or iridescent plastic streamers to the bottom edge of the umbrella to hang down as the tentacles. Hold the open umbrella over your head and swish the tentacles around as you dance. You may take up some room on the dance floor, but you'll be all set when they play "It's Raining Men!"

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