Games for Couples at Home

Updated April 17, 2017

Couples often enjoy planning and sharing nights of entertainment that consist of fun social games. A game night is one way to provide entertainment to both single couples or large groups of adults. The games played on such nights can vary depending on what the couple in particular enjoys doing together.

Board Games

Board games are fun activities for couples who enjoy competing against each other. Common board games, such as draughts and chess, require one player to defeat the other by cornering a certain piece or amassing all of their opponent's pieces. Strategic board games, such as Monopoly, Sorry, Clue and Life, feature multiple pieces, dice and other peripherals to enhance gameplay. Older couples who enjoy playing bingo at a public hall can also enjoy playing a bingo board game at home. These games can be played between each other or with four or more people as a couple's game night.

Video Games

Video games can be enjoyed by adult couples as well. Played on home consoles or a personal computer, most video games feature a multiplayer mode that promotes competition or cooperative play between two or more people. Competitive racing games such as MarioKart, Gran Turismo and Need for Speed encourage couples to race against each other. Street Fighter, Marvel VS. Capcom and Mortal Combat are examples of fighting games that couples can play to relieve aggression and resolve differences in a fun manner.

Competitive Games

Competitive games can challenge couples as to how well they know each other. The Newlywed Game is a game based off of the popular television game show of the same name. Ideal for multiple couples, the game asks several personal questions about a person's significant other, such as favourite things, your most annoying habit, and favourite physical feature/personality trait. The couple who has the most correct answers is declared the winner. Conversely, the Blindfold Competition tests how well couples know their partner's physical features. The women or men take turns being blindfolded, and the blinded group has to identify their respective partners through touching. The couple that most correctly identifies each other while blindfolded wins.

Ice Breaker Games

When several couples are at a party, playing ice breaker games is a way to ensure everyone is entertained. "Let's Introduce Ourselves" is a game that requires the ladies of couples to be in an inner circle, and the men to be in a circle surrounding them. The ladies and men face each other and move in opposite clockwise directions while music is playing (similar to musical chairs). Once the music stops, the two people facing each other introduce themselves with two unusual facts, and one like and one dislike about themselves or their partner. Detectives is a game that requires the ladies to fill out cards with interesting physical characteristics, such as their original hair colour, eye colour, height and jewellery. The men have to select a random card and find the girl based on the description. The first male to find his matching woman wins.

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