Can I make money knitting baby sweaters?

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are an avid knitter, you can easily turn your passion for the hobby into a part- or full-time moneymaking opportunity. If you specialise in knitting baby sweaters, you can make profit doing what you love by selling your creations or by making custom orders. You can make money knitting baby sweaters in a number of ways.


Knitting baby sweaters will not enable you to get rich quickly, but it may provide you with enough money to finance your hobby. As word spreads about your knitting business and you gain a more extensive customer list, you may also be able to generate profit. The amount of money you make knitting baby sweaters will rely on a number of factors including how much you charge, how quickly you can create the sweaters and how well you market your creations. The more you put yourself out there for customers to see your knitting, the more sweaters you will sell and the more money you will make. Like any home-based craft business, it may take some time for you to turn a profit.


When you first begin selling your knitted baby sweaters, you may find consignment shops to be the easiest way to sell them. Consignment shops will display and sell your items for you, sharing a portion of the profit with you after a sale has been made. Consignment shops already have an established customer base, so your creations will be seen by a large number of people as they visit the store. Leave a stack of business cards or flyers advertising your knitting services and your contact information so that customers who buy your sweaters from the consignment shop can contact you directly for future purchases or for custom orders.


The Internet is a useful tool you can utilise to help your product reach the largest number of customers possible. Set up a shop online that customers can browse and order your sweaters through. You may want to set up a shop on a network of craft sellers to attract buyers, or you may consider purchasing your own private domain name. Make sure that your online store is well organised and professional looking and that you provide plenty of pictures of your sweaters. Once customers make a purchase from your online store, you will be responsible for shipping the sweater to them.

Craft Fairs

Local craft fairs can be another great resource for selling your knitted baby sweaters, as they allow you to set up your inventory in a community gathering place and meet with customers face-to-face. Customers will stop by to browse what you have in stock, and you will have the opportunity to chat and interact with them while they shop. Use this to your advantage by being friendly and professional toward customers while also talking with them in detail about the quality of your sweaters. Have your business card available for customers to take in case they want to purchase at a later time or want to place a custom order from you.

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