The New Dogtra 175 NCP Electronic Collar for Dog Training

Written by gwendolyn filosa
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  • Introduction

    The New Dogtra 175 NCP Electronic Collar for Dog Training

    The Dogtra 175 NCP electronic dog collar is an entry-level training device for small to medium breeds. Compact with a waterproof receiver for the dog and a water-resistant handheld transmitter for the owner, this "e-collar" can send one of three electronic sensations to your dog even if he is far from you. The Dogtra 175 NCP has a 400-yard range, comes with rechargeable batteries that have a 14-hour charge and costs about £110 (as of March 2011).

    Electronic dog collars are designed to train small to medium breeds, like a Portuguese Water dog. (Apple Tree House/Lifesize/Getty Images)

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    The "Nick" Button

    The Dogtra 175 NCP remote collar has a "Nick" button that delivers a very brief, single pulse of electrical buzz to the receiver attached to the collar. This "Nick" automatically ends in less than a second, regardless of how long the owner presses the button. Dogtra advises owners to use the "Nick" to correct dogs when they veer off lead while walking on a leash. Dogtra describes the "Nick" as "mild, but very motivating."

    Dog training keeps dogs safe from dangerous behaviours such as chasing cars. ( Images)

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    The "Constant" Button

    The Dogtra 175 NCP collar features a "Constant" button which, when pressed, will send an electrical buzz to the dog that lasts for up to 12 seconds, as long as the button is pressed down. Dogtra recommends the "Constant" button for training dogs to stop dangerous behaviours such as chasing cats or cars. The "Constant" sensation will automatically shut off after 12 seconds. It will only reactivate if you press the button again.

    Electronic dog collars, or "e-collars," can help send short pulses to a dog for immediate corrections. (Brand X Pictures/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images)

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    The "Pager" Button

    The Dogtra 175 NCP collar has a third setting, the "Pager" button, which is located on the side of the handheld transmitter. The "Pager" gives owners the chance to communicate with their dogs without sending an electrical buzz. Instead, the "Pager" button will cause the collar to vibrate, like a cell phone. Dogtra suggests owners use the "Pager" setting as a way of getting their dogs' attention.

    An e-collar can help an owner communicate with his dog, even if the dog runs far away. (Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images)

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    These types of electronic dog training collars are not made for dogs under 5.44kg. or less than 6 months old. Dogtra warns owners that its collars are intended only for dog training and are never to be placed on other types of animals or people. If any skin irritation develops due to the dog wearing the collar, you should discontinue its use immediately. The collar should be rotated on a dog's neck every two hours, so that the two contact points do not cause irritation.

    Electronic dog collars are not intended for dogs under 5.44kg. or less than 6 months old. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

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