Present ideas for a six-year-old girl

Updated November 21, 2016

There are many different types of gifts a person can give to a six-year-old girl. At this age, young girls are passionate about all things girl --- from dolls to jewellery and dress-up. Also, around the age of six, young girls are getting interested in sports and outdoor activities, so items in this area make great gifts as well.

Jewellery Box

Young girls have a desire to be like their moms, and often want to dress up and wear jewellery. Consider giving the six-year-old girl in your life a special first jewellery box to keep her favourite necklaces and bracelets. This is a gift she will treasure for years to come; it is functional and also makes a great piece of decor in a bedroom.

Stuffed Animals

Many little girls love to snuggle with a favourite stuffed animal each night when going to bed, so these make a simple, easy present for a six-year-old girl. Pillow pets became very popular and make excellent gifts for young girls. However, any type of stuffed animals will make a perfect present for that special time in a six-year-old girl's life. Find a special stuffed animal of her favourite pet or animal at the zoo.

Doll Accessories

Most six-year-old girls have a favourite doll they love to play with, be it a Barbie doll, American Girl doll, or just a generic baby doll. One way to encourage imaginative play is to give a young girl accessories for her favourite doll. Purchase a doll house for her to play with, or possibly get her a bed for her favourite large doll. Of course, little girls are often very excited about new clothes for their dolls as well.


At the age of six, many girls are learning how to ride a bicycle without stabilisers. To mark this special occasion, consider giving her a special new bike for a big girl. Be sure to find a bicycle that is the appropriate size and shape for a young girl. Add some fun and flair to her new gift by putting streamers on the handlebars or adding a basket to the front of the bike.

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