What Do the Different Smileys Mean?

Updated April 17, 2017

Talking online is the popular way of communicating these days, but not only with words. Emoticons are now being used to express and communicate the way one feels about a situation. The problem is that not everyone knows what each smiley face means unless they are looking at a guide.

Happy Smiley

Happy smiley faces look like this online: :) or (: and are used to express happiness.

Sad Smiley

Sad smiley faces appear like this online: :( or ): and are used to express sadness.

Excited or Scared Smiley

Excited or scared smiley faces are seen like this online: :O or O: and are used to express fear, shock, surprise or excitement.

OK Smiley

When you ask someone what kind of day he is having, he may send a smiley that looks like this: :/. That means his day is just going OK.

Cool Smiley

The sun's out and you want to express warmth and brightness using the smiley with sunglasses. It looks like this: B)

Super Happy

When someone is super happy, you may see a smiley like this: :D

Silent Smiley

A keep-quiet smiley is one for secrets we don't want people to share. It looks like this: :X or X:

Winking Smiley

When we like someone, we usually wink. The winking smiley looks like this: ;) or (;

Mad Smiley

People who are angry may use this smiley: :C

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