Teacher retirement ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

As a teacher hits the milestone of retirement and prepares to leave the front of the classroom for good, mixed emotions are felt. Ease the teacher's transition into retirement by giving him the recognition he deserves. Thank the retiring teacher in your life with meaningful gifts or a party to honour his years of dedicated work.


Throw a party for someone in your life who is retiring from the teaching profession. Make it a surprise party or plan to fill the teacher you are honouring in on the details. If you wish for the teacher to be a part of the planning, find out who he wishes to invite, such as teaching colleagues, students, friends and family. Arrange to host the party at the school, a banquet hall or in the comfort of your or someone else's home. Provide food and beverages as well as music and speeches.


Present a retiring teacher with a meaningful, appropriate gift for the occasion. Give a gift that relates to teaching or reflects the freedom that comes with retirement. Teaching-related gifts include coffee mugs, bookmarks, books, pen set, tote bag or framed poetry. All of these gifts can be personalised with the name of the retiring teacher or a meaningful quote. Another option is to give a gift to support how he plans to spend his retirement. This could be golf clubs, luggage, gardening tools or craft supplies.


Present a teacher with an award for his years of dedication in the classroom for his retirement. The award can be in the form of a plaque, trophy or paperweight. The award can be shaped as an apple, globe, pyramid, star or other shape you desire. Purchase the award through an online website such as DIY Award or at a local award store. Engrave the plaque with wording like, "Excellence in teaching" or "Thank You." Include the teacher's name, years of service or a teaching-related quote or poem.

Tribute Speech

Give a tribute speech to a retiring teacher to honour and thank her for the gift of knowledge she has given students over the years. The speech can be given by a colleague from the teaching profession, family member, friend or former student. The tribute speech can be made at a retirement party for the teacher. It can be given as a surprise. Student can even surprise a teacher who plans to retire during a class period as a surprise. Give specific examples of how the teacher has changed your life or the life of someone else.

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