New York Costume Ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

New York City is home to some world famous landmarks and world-class talent. Many images come to mind when you think of New York. Some of these images can be easily translated into costume ideas. Consider creating a costume that gives nod to the amazing city of New York.

New York Landmarks

New York is full of famous landmarks. The Statue of Liberty is one of New York's most famous landmarks. Create a Statue of Liberty costume by wearing light green clothing. It can be as simple as a light green running suit. Take a light green bed sheet and wrap it around the body, tying at the left shoulder. Make a Statue of Liberty style hat and torch out of cardboard. Paint an old book in the same light green. Other New York landmark costume ideas include the Empire State building or the statue of Atlas at Rockefeller Center.

New York Culture

New York is a cultured town full of theatres and museums. Choose a character from a Broadway play to create a costume of. The Broadway show, "Cats" had a long run and Broadway and provides and interesting costume choice. Choose a painting from the famous Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) or The Metropolitan Museum or Art to design a costume around. Choose an artist who is represented such as Vincent Van Gogh and create a costume resembling him.

New York Icons

Many famous people have called New York their home. A Donald Trump costume is a fun way to incorporate New York into a costume. The multimillionaire has made a fortune in real estate and other business ventures in New York. Broadway performer Liza Minnelli is a distinct New York icon. Her song titled "New York" is a must to sing if dressed liked Liza. Political figures make fun New York costumes. Mayor Rudy Giuliani or Mayor Michael Bloomberg costumes will surely create some interesting conversations.

Other New York Costume Ideas

New York is a busy city with a lot of visually interesting objects that could be turned into a costume. A taxi driver or even a New York taxi cab could be used as a costume. A subway costume could be created using a cardboard box painted silver and painted detail. Create a simple Coney Island hot dog costume by dressing in a beige sweat suit to represent the hot dog bun and sewing a piece of red felt down the centre of the suit to represent the hot dog. Use felt to create mustard and relish.

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