Greek Party Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

The country of Greece offers an array of distinctive culture, including customs, architecture and a wide variety of ethnic food choices. Greece's rich cultural elements make it easy to plan a Greek theme party. Infusing Greek fundamentals into your invitations, decorations and menu are ways to incorporate the cultural aspects of Greek life into your next celebration.


Infusing Greek aspects into your invitations will set the tone for the party to come. You can make your own invitations or visit a speciality party store to find some that are relevant to your theme. For homemade invitations, make Greek scrolls using parchment paper. Write the invitation details in Greek and provide a translation in English. Use gold or silver ink for the writing and wrap laurel leaves around the invitation to seal it.


Planning a menu with foods that are indicative of Greece helps to create a more authentic and intimate atmosphere for your party. Pass out Greek appetizers like skordalia, which is a garlic and potato-based dip, or miniature spinach pies, called spanakopita in Greek. For the main course, arrange large pans of traditional Greek foods, such as pastisio -- Greek lasagne made with lamb and nutmeg -- or lamb and rice on a large buffet table. Guests can serve themselves and try a taste of the distinctive foods Greece has to offer. If you are unfamiliar with Greek dishes, hire a caterer to plan your menu.


The decorations for your event will be the first thing guests see when they walk into the room. They should represent your overall theme and transform the room into an atmospheric area that makes guests feel as if they are truly experiencing Greek culture. Azure blue and white are the colours of the Greek flag. Use them as your basic colour scheme and accent them with gold trimmings, such as table runners and silverware. Hang Greek tourism posters on the walls showing the characteristics of different Greek islands. Greece is known for its architecture and art. Add cutouts or replicas of classical statues and white, portable columns to the room. Place terra-cotta urns on the floor and tables.


Incorporating Greek games into your party will keep your guests entertained while they learn about the country. Before the party, prepare questions related to Greek culture and history. Write each question on a small note card with the answer on the back. Use the note cards to play Greek trivia. Have each guest pull a card and try to answer the question. Whoever answers the most trivia questions receives a gift. Bobbing for olives is a Greek twist on bobbing for apples. All you need to play are several large, wide-mouth bowls and any type of olives. Fill the bowls with water and drop several olives into each bowl. Place the bowls on one table and have the players sit around it. When you give the signal, each player must dive headfirst into his bowl and grab as many olives with his mouth as possible. The player who removes the most olives is the winner.

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