The Best Window Dressings for the Bathroom

Updated July 20, 2017

The dilemma with window treatments for the bathroom has always been associated with the daily problem of condensation collecting on the walls and windows due to the steam from a hot shower or bath. One approach that many design experts take is the installation of frosted glass in the bathroom. This does not alleviate the need for a window dressing. It merely alleviates the need for the window dressing to fulfil the role of enhancing privacy. Any window dressing installed in a bathroom will need more maintenance than a window dressing in another room.

Pouf Valence

The pouf valence is a perfect choice for the window with frosted glass. It can be designed as a stationary top treatment or as a functional valence. Both of these valences are mounted inside the window frame. As a stationary top treatment, the pouf valence provides no privacy. However, the functional pouf valence has a finished length eighteen inches longer than the height of the window's interior. It must be hung on spring tension sash rods to accommodate the lowering of the bottom rod when privacy is needed. With the added length the pouf is not lost.

Double Rod Pocket Gathered Sheer

The advantage of using a sheer fabric in the bathroom is that it can be easily laundered and remains in pristine condition for years if it is fabricated well. This window treatment can be used with smaller rods in smaller windows. The window treatment's capacity to provide privacy is accentuated with a triple full fabrication.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are a high-end window treatment and require special attention when the bathroom is filled with steam. However, no window dressing looks more handsome than a set of custom-made wood shutters. If shutters are preferred, but the budget is low, consider ready-made shutters; choose products fabricated from kiln-dried wood. Give each shutter a good coating of teak oil prior to hanging.

Stained Glass Insert

The stained glass insert is a seldom used but highly appropriate window dressing for the bathroom. The correct size panel can be fabricated in a home workshop provided the correct tools and work surface are available. The stained glass window dressing is a beautiful, low-maintenance window treatment. The key to success is to select colours from the bathroom's palette and to use a motif that coordinates with the bathroom's design theme.

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