Gifts for a nurse preceptor

Updated April 17, 2017

Nurse preceptors guide nursing students through their clinical experience. They offer tips on delivering high-quality patient care, share their advice on best practices in the profession and mentor many classes of young nurses. Saying thank you to your preceptor with a gift is always a wise idea; many nurses find their preceptors were essential in growing their nursing careers and instrumental in their program of study success.

Nursing-Related Gifts

Buy a leather-bound planner, a business-card holder or a leather-bound notebook, all items that are useful for meetings and workshops as well as teaching students. A subscription to a nursing-industry magazine keeps preceptors up to date on the latest industry news. A gift related to his professional development is a highly appropriate gift for your preceptor.

Office Design Gifts

Team up with your nursing classmates and purchase a piece of art for your nursing preceptor's office wall. Invest in a piece of nursing-related art or even a piece of locally-themed art work. Give her office a hint of nature with a plant or potted flower. Nursing preceptors spend time teaching and of course, nursing on the floor, but they also spend time in an office grading papers and reviewing notes; any gift that enhances their work space is always welcome.


Take a photograph of your nurse preceptor with her students; capture the moment in a photo frame. Search for a nursing-themed frame if possible. Buy a ceramic statue of a nurse helping students as a thoughtful memory of your time together.


Give your nurse preceptor a personalised gift. Have a crisp white lab coat, ideal for teaching days on the floor, emblazoned with his initials. Purchase a stainless-steel water bottle or coffee cup and engrave his initials on the side. An engraved pen, helpful when marking papers or preparing clinical notes, is another practical nursing preceptor gift.

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