The best bikini wax products

Updated November 21, 2016

Although there are several methods to remove unwanted hair, waxing works well on the bikini area. Waxing lasts longer than other hair removal methods -- up to eight weeks -- so no need to worry about hair regrowth during a beach getaway. Many salons offer waxing services, but you can easily wax your bikini line at home with the right products.

Microwaveable Kits

Hot wax home kits are one of the best types of hair removal products for the bikini area. The wax is usually packaged in a microwaveable plastic container. It should be heated in 10-second increments, until the wax is just hot enough to spread easily. Hot wax works well because it spreads in a very thin layer on the skin, evenly coating the tiniest hairs. Pressing cotton removal strips firmly against the skin, and then pulling off quickly, will effectively remove all your wax-coated hair.

The beauty editors of the online magazine The Detour say Nad's is a trusted brand for at-home bikini waxing. Nad's Brazilian & Bikini Kit is an inexpensive hot wax kit that comes with a spatula applicator, removal strips, and stencils that can be used to create different designs on the bikini area.

Wax Warmers

Some home waxing kits include an electric warmer, similar to the type used in many salons and spas. These kits are usually more expensive, but an electric warmer has many benefits. Wax will heat more evenly in a warmer than it will in a microwave. The heater keeps the wax warm until you're done, so there's no need to rush to the microwave to reheat. The wax will never get hot enough to burn, even on the sensitive bikini area.

Wax warmers are either included in a wax kit, or sold separately. The beauty blog Bella Sugar, recommends Completely Bare's Wax Works Kit, which comes with an electric heater.

No Strip Methods

A different type of wax that also works well on the sensitive bikini area is hard wax. It doesn't require the use of cotton removal strips. Pulling it off your skin is less painful than traditional wax used with removal strips, experts say.

Hard wax needs to be heated before applying, but to a lower temperature than conventional hot waxes with softer consistencies. The wax quickly cools on the skin, becoming thick, firm and pliable. Lift up the edge of the hardened wax to easily pull it off your skin, along with your hair.

According to the beauty editors of Allure magazine, a trusted hard wax kit that works for the bikini area is the Bliss Poetic Waxing Microwaveable Kit.

Pre-Waxed Strips

Hair can also be removed from the bikini line using pre-waxed strips. These are perhaps the easiest of all waxing products. Two easy steps are required: press on, pull off. Several small strips may need to be used over the same area before you're completely bare. Some stubble may be left behind, since the strips usually won't work on extremely short hair. For some women, the benefits outweigh any drawbacks. If your skin is too sensitive in the bikini area to use hot wax, and you prefer a simpler hair removal method, then pre-waxed strips are right for you.

The Parissa Natural Hair Removal System Wax Strips was a winner in Allure Magazine's "Best of Beauty" 2009 awards. The kit contains strips in small pre-cut sizes that are just right for the bikini area. If you've ever had an allergic reaction to other types of waxes, this kit is made for the most sensitive skin.

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