Ideas for Charades for Children

Written by kari sheragy | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Charades for Children
Charades is a great way to spend time with friends and family. (George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)

Charades is a perfect game to help your children develop creativity and motor skills. Whether guessing or acting out a clue, children love to explore new ways of expressing themselves. With its interactive foundation, Charades encourages children to get off the couch while spending time with their friends and family.


Animals are always a great idea for children's charades. Animal names are familiar and children have a great time acting out the word. If the children are fairly young, use names with easy spellings. There are countless animals that would be perfect for a game of charades, such as ants, bats, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, elephants, fish, kangaroos, monkeys, snakes or whales.


Tools can also be fairly simple for children to act out. They can be grooming tools like a brush or a comb, or eating tools, like spoons, forks or knives, or carpentry tools like hammers, saws or shovels.


Children love to act out their favourite scenes in movies or pretend that they are the movie star. The most popular children's movies usually make the best clues in a game of charades so animated Disney movies or other childhood favourites are good ideas.


People can also be a great idea for charades. Try including ideas like Barbie or Winnie the Pooh, characters from a child's favourite book or maybe even Mom and Dad.

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