Serving & decorating ideas for a summer BBQ party

Updated July 20, 2017

Celebrate a nice, warm, summer evening by inviting friends and family to your delicious backyard barbecue. While the aroma of meats cooking on the grill is quite inviting, creating a festive atmosphere will complete the summer barbecue. Decorate your backyard barbecue with country decor, soft lighting and fresh cut flowers.

Fresh Flowers

Decorating with fresh flowers will simply bring your barbecue together. Decide the colours that you will be using for the barbecue. Choose a variety of summer flowers and vases that will compliment your colour choices. When arranging the flowers in the vases mix and match the flowers to bring a variety of colour to each arrangement. Place one to two flower arrangements on each table, which will ensure that each area receives a splash of colour.


If the barbecue is in the evening, use soft lighting that will compliment your decorations as well as setting a celebratory tone. Paper lanterns offer soft lighting because of the use of tea light candles. The lanterns also add more colour to your party. If you do not want to use tea light candles inside the lanterns, use battery operated tea light candles, which you can purchase at any hardware store. Ensure each table has its own light source. Put a candle in a glass hurricane and place on each table. Also, stringing small white lights around decks, posts and surrounding trees will offer a romantic ambience.

Table Decorations

Make the serving table the focal point for your barbecue by choosing a decorative tablecloth. For a country-inspired feeling, use red and white gingham checked tablecloths. Choose red or white tablecloths for the remaining tables. You can also add bows or balloons to the back of each chair. Spread confetti to bring some colour to the table.

Serving Food and Drinks

Use ball jars or mason jars to serve drinks. Have various drinks readily available such as teas, lemonades and sodas. Use serving trays with different coloured napkins underneath the foods. Creating labels for each drink and food will add a personal tough to the barbecue party. Allow the guests to serve themselves, so have plates, napkins and cutlery available on the table.

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