Heroes & villains party ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are planning a superhero themed birthday party, choosing superhero and villain themed invitations, foods, activities and a cake tie the idea of your party together. Making a themed party requires little time and effort once you have some ideas to start from.

Emblem Shape Invitations

Every superhero has a signature emblem. For example, the Flash has a lightning bolt, Batman has the shape of a bat and Spiderman has a spider. You can use these emblems to make superhero invitations. Use large cookie cutters in the shapes of different superhero emblems to cut out the invitations from card stock. Alternatively, cut out smaller emblems and place them on small swatches of fabric. Write the party information on the back, creating small superhero capes.

Super Villain Foods

Superheroes also need arch-enemies to act as their foil. Creating foods based on super villains is another option. For example, turn hot dogs into Doc Oct, one of Spiderman's villains. Before cooking the hot dogs, use a knife to cut up the length of the hot dog to create eight tentacles. Then when you boil it, it will look like the eight tentacles of Doc Oct. Catwoman, one of the villains from Batman, is another option. Set out a bowl of cat claws, usually called corn chip snacks, which the kids may place on their fingers like cat claws.


To entertain your guests, create activities that incorporate your theme. For example, create a superhero obstacle course where the guests show off their superhero skills. Start by having the guests ride bicycles or tricycles around a preset track to show their super speed. Next, have a show of superhero aim by having them cover images of villains with spider webs made from cans of silly string. Alternatively, draw the villains on windows outside using window paint. Have the guests throw water balloons at the window images until the pictures are gone. Finish the test by leaping over small toy buildings.

Birthday Cakes

To finish the meal, a birthday cake is usually the preferred party dessert. For a simple cake, make a sheet cake and use frosting to pipe on different superhero emblems. You can also make a city cake by either using toy buildings or making buildings out of graham crackers and frosting. Place toy action figures of different superheroes in the city. Add the villains into the cake, as well.

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