Role play games for couples

Updated July 20, 2017

Every day people go to work, go out and visit with friends, and they may put on a different personality and attitude for each situation. So it's not unusual to try a little role-playing as a couple, whether to spice up the relationship, bring more passion, or just have fun. Couples can engage in many different role play ideas. As the saying goes, "A couple who plays together, stays together."


Many women fantasise about being rescued. The traditional role play would involve a male figure in a fireman or policeman outfit saving the female. He can break down the door and rescue the victim. Turn the tables by putting the woman in power, having her offer to do something for the policeman to get out of a ticket.

The Naughty Schoolgirl/Sexy Teacher

Another common role play involves the schoolgirl who does something bad and needs to be punished. You could also work with the sexy teacher and the student, or with a teacher and a sexy parent. The sexy teacher should dress in an outfit that is scanty and leaves little to the imagination. To add to this role play, perhaps the teacher is teaching sexed.


"Let's play doctor"---this role play scenario is a classic for a reason. Perhaps you have the sexy doctor and the sexy patient who needs to be healed. Or you have the doctor and nurse. The nurse can help the doctor in many ways, perhaps dropping items and being forced to bend over to pick them up.

The Stranger

The interesting thing with this role play game is that you don't have to keep it at home. You can pretend to meet each other as strangers in a bar. Use different pickup techniques, be sexual in dancing and offer to take your partner home. Continue to play the scene out once home. Alternatively, you can set up your home dining room as a bar or nightclub. Again, go through the motions of being strangers having a random meeting.

Damsel in Distress

As with the fireman/policeman scenario, the man can save a "helpless" victim from any number of dangers. Many women grow up wishing for Prince Charming or a knight in shining armour. For this role play, the guy must the girl and then bow to her every wish.

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