Troubleshooting a Whirlpool Electric Oven

Updated February 21, 2017

The Whirlpool Corp., headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, started in 1911, and it sells consumer appliances, including electric ovens, worldwide. Unlike gas ovens, electric ovens draw power directly from your electrical grid. Whirlpool ovens are designed to last. But if you experience a problem your Whirlpool electric oven, the company encourages you to troubleshoot the issue before calling a service technician.

Operational Issues

Always check your oven and cooktop settings to see if your electric range turned on and set to the correct temperature and cooking setting. Only plug your electric range into a live, grounded outlet and reset any tripped circuit breakers. Check your fuses and replace if burnt out. If you own a model with a ceramic cooktop, check to see if the "Cooktop Lockout" is turned off. Properly insert coil elements into the cooktop. If your oven will not start, check to see if you have selected either "Broil" or "Bake" and check your electronic timer/clock to see if it is properly set.

Heating Problems

If your oven temperature is either too hot or too cold, adjust the temperature calibration. Check to see if you have it on the right temperature setting and adjust if necessary. Only use cookware that is either the same size or little larger than the burner or cooking element. If not, your pots and pans can become too hot.


Call for service if the oven indicator lights keep flashing. Adjust the racks if your food is burning on the bottom and check your temperature settings if your food is not cooking correctly. Always properly level your electric range before cooking any foods. If foods are taking too long to cook, try preheating your oven and increasing the temperature settings. Evenly distribute batter in your pan for better cooking results. Leave enough room for air to circulate around your food. Always use the proper settings for cooking foods on the cooktop. Your cooktop will not work if the self-cleaning cycle has started or if the control lockout is engaged.


Your oven will not start cleaning until the door is completely closed. If your cleaning cycle still won't start, check to see if you have actually started the self-cleaning cycle. Check to see if your oven is set to the time delay cooking setting and adjust as necessary. Your Whirlpool electric range display will flash when the power goes out. You must reset it. Read your manual for individual error code meanings as these differ by model.

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