Funny things to do for a sister's 60th birthday

Updated March 18, 2017

A sister's 60th birthday marks a significant life milestone that should be commemorated in a special way. Yes, the birthday girl should find herself showered with love, sentiment and nostalgia on her big day. However, humour can also represent an appropriate way to honour your sister's journey into her seventh decade of life. Finding the funny on her 60th can make the event extra special and create memories she'll cherish forever.

Photo Humor

Time to dig out all the old family photo albums and collect pictures of your sister, either alone or with loved ones, throughout the years. Photographic evidence of wardrobe atrocities, hair horrors, etc. should all make the final photo selection. Once you have picked your favourites, scan the pictures and upload them onto an online photo gallery (see Resources). From there you can create a hysterical keepsake of all the shots in one album and take a jovial journey down memory lane as you peruse the book together.

Sing It to Sister

Send your sis a singing telegram to distinctly memorialise her big birthday celebration. Does the birthday honoree have a favourite celebrity icon, crush, etc.? Hire an impersonator to deliver her personalised song to make the moment even more memorable. If sending the telegram to the workplace, be sure to contact her place of business in advance to ensure that your sibling won't get reprimanded for an unexpected, albeit amusing, distraction.

This Is Your Life

Coordinate a real-life "This Is Your Life" segment for your sister to create a hilarious and sentimental event. Put your social-networking skills to use and connect with old friends, teachers, mentors and other important figures in your sister's life throughout the years. Pick an appropriate venue and surprise the birthday lady with your emcee abilities while challenging her to determine each guest simply by the sound of her voice. You sister will love all the time and effort you put in trying to assemble this amusing jaunt into her past for her.

A Day of Her Favorite Things

Dedicate an entire day to your sister to do all the things that top her favourites list. While this alone guarantees a fun day, to make it truly funny, treat it like a birthday version of the hen party and dress her from head to toe in 60th-birthday gear. Visit the local novelty store and purchase a 60th T-shirt, pin, baseball cap, etc. to coordinate an amusing "birthday suit" for your sister. Then let her call the shots on where to go from there. Having you at her disposal for the entire day will surely mark a memorable event that she will cherish for years to come.

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