Ideas on What to Write on a Birthday Card for Your Sister

Updated July 20, 2017

A sister is something to be thankful for, and her birthday is the ideal time to let her know you care. Whether you have a big sister that looked out for you or a little sister that followed you around, writing the perfect message in your sister's card is important. Coming up with a message can be a struggle, but there are ways to organise your thoughts and pick the best possible words.


Your sister may be turning 5 or 50, but as siblings, you have formed many memories together. Remember an event like a past birthday or special occasion and share the memory with your sister in a message in her card. Stories about an experience you shared or a time when your sister was there for you are good places to start. Focus on uplifting topics and pleasant memories. End with a message of love.

Personal Details

Including personal details about your sister's life is a way to show that you care about her and pay attention to her. Mention some of your sister's recent accomplishments and congratulate her on them. Compliment your sister on her health and appearance if she is concerned about ageing. Share a detailed message about why your sister is important to you and how she has effected your life. Tell your sister that you love her.


Including a poem in a birthday card helps you share your feelings in an elegant way. If you write poetry, write something inspired by your sister. Having a perfect poem is less important than having a poem that shows your love for your sister, so do not worry about sounding like a professional. If you are not comfortable writing a poem, find a poem that appeals to you and reflects your feelings and quote it, giving the original author credit.


Some people have the ability to put words together in a unique, thought-provoking way. Quotations by celebrities that your sister loves is a place to start. Search for quotations about sisters, birthdays, celebrations, siblings, or any topic that your sister cares about. Quotations can be found online as well as in books at your public library. Quoting lyrics from a song your sister loves is also an option. Choose a message that matches your feelings.

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