Creative Ideas to Surprise Someone On His Birthday

Updated April 17, 2017

Planning a surprise for a loved one's birthday is challenging and fun. It allows you to give the person something unexpected and make his birthday a memorable special event. Surprising one of the men in your life is especially fun because you can include friends and family in the surprise. Whether you are planning for your husband, father, son or best guy friend, there are plenty of activities and gifts that create birthday memories and provide you with a way to show your love for the birthday boy.


Parents might feel limited when it comes to celebrating special occasions because activities need to include the kids. There are plenty of great birthday surprises that can be kid and adult-friendly. The man in your life will appreciate a surprise party bringing together his friends and family. This is especially true if he has relatives he rarely sees. In addition to the party, consider arranging a visit from a long-lost relative or a friend who lives far away. Reuniting with loved ones makes for a memorable birthday surprise.

Limo Party

If your guy and his friends love to indulge in alcoholic beverages when celebrating, a limousine party offers a safe, fun way to enjoy the evening. They can safely move from place to place without concern for how their drinking impairs their driving. They will feel like VIPs, since limos are usually only reserved for very special occasions. When renting a limo for an event, book well enough in advance to ensure the best rate and service. There is a limited number of people allowed in the vehicle, so think about your guest list before you book. Give the limousine driver a few destinations, but allow for flexibility so once the birthday boy is aboard, he can suggest a few ideas.


If your guy is sports fan, a theme party will get him in the competitive spirit. If his birthday coincides with a game, plan the party around the game. Buy tickets for the party guests, plan a tailgate party ahead of time and celebrate your man's birthday at the stadium or arena. If it is the off season or his favourite team is out of town, you can still build the party around the sport. Gather to watch the game on television or have a celebration during the off season. A baseball-themed party in the dead of winter is fun for everyone feeling nostalgic for summer. Serve ballpark favourites like hot dogs and Cracker Jack, and surprise your guy with baseball-related gifts.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a creative way to celebrate the life of the special guy in your life. It works well for a milestone birthday, such as 30, 40 or 50. The theme should focus on the history of the man's life. Put a friend in charge of shuttling him from place to place to pick up clues. Each clue will direct him to a significant place from his past. For instance, a clue about his wife directs him to the site of their first date. A clue about his childhood friends directs him to a park or his old schoolyard. Provide about a half dozen clues that end at home or at a restaurant where his friends and family are waiting.

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