1960s Hippie Costumes

Written by sammy delarosa
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1960s Hippie Costumes
Long hair, tie-dye prints and bandannas can be part of a 60s costume. (Ablestock.com/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

The 1960s was the era of love, peace and rock and roll. Today, the 1960s is a popular party theme. The 60s had a distinct style of clothing, some of which was influenced by the political atmosphere. There are several styles of clothing to choose from if you want to put together a 60s costume.

Woodstock Hippie Costumes

The Woodstock Festival of 1969 was such an iconic event in history that it is remembered for the great music as well as the fashion it bore. Dressing up as if you were going to a Woodstock concert back in the late 60s and 70s was the fad in those days. The singers who performed at Woodstock had much influence in fashion. For the women it was Janis Joplin in her numerous gold and beaded bangles, beaded necklaces and tie-dye jumpsuits. The hair was long and loose, and sunglasses were round-shaped with tinted blue or purple lens. For the men it was Jimi Hendrix in his bandanna, fringed shirt, faded blue jeans and beaded belts. A guitar strapped to the shoulder would complete the look.

Flower Child Look

The Flower Child look was very common in the 60s as it represented peace and love in a time of turmoil. It was an earthy look with lots of ethnic prints and jewellery with beads and stones. Women wore long unstyled straight hair and loose flowing dresses of floral or ethnic prints. Psychedelic-coloured tunics were very popular. For men it was common to see head bandannas, beaded belts and large necklaces with the peace symbol. Although going barefoot was ideal, wearing heavy, flat sandals was also common.

1960s Mary Quant Style

Mary Quant is perhaps one of the world's most renowned 1960s-era designers for dresses, especially the mini skirt. She also designed dress styles that were worn by the First Lady of the time, Jacqueline Kennedy. Wearing a mini skirt would epitomise the Mary Quant look, but you can also add the hippie element by pairing it with a vest and a bright-patterned scarf, lots of bangles, big rings, layered necklaces and open -toed platform shoes or thigh-high boots. Men wore open silk shirts in loud colours such as bright greens and oranges, with open jackets and bell-bottomed flared silk dress trousers and cowboy boots or platform shoes.

1960s Beatles Costumes

The Beatles mania in the 1960s before and after Woodstock established a powerful dress code for many people. The Beatles dressed in varying styles, both the British mod look, and the peace and love style. Both styles were considered hip. There are many wigs styled after the Beatles, that can be worn with round, tinted sunglasses and turtle necks with open blazers. Mini skirts worn with stomach-exposing shirts with long, flowing sleeves were popular. You can also take inspiration from John Lennon's 1969 "bed-in" with wife Yoko Ono. The "bed-in" was a peaceful demonstration wherein they both stayed in a hotel room with pyjamas to protest against violence. Simply wearing white loose pyjamas, unruly long hair and carrying a peace sign could pass for an innovative and meaningful costume.

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