Birthday Gift for 7-Year-Old Girl

Updated March 23, 2017

It can be difficult picking out a birthday gift for a 7-year-old girl. Pay attention to the interests and passions of the girl to purchase a thoughtful item. Seven-year-old girls enjoy support for their favourite hobby, and they would like if you'd join them for an interesting experience to celebrate.


Seven-year-old girls are gaining literacy skills and reading comprehension strategies. Books are an appropriate gift for a 7-year-old girl because they help her with her reading and word-recognition skills. Girls develop reading skills at different speeds, so buy books that are appropriate for her level of development. Roald Dahl is a favourite author of some 7-year-olds. Or buy a light read, such as "Pippi Longstocking" by author Astrid Lindgre.

Gift Card

A benefit of giving a 7-year-old girl a gift card is that it can teach her financial responsibility. Gift cards to retail fashion stores are appropriate for 7-year-old girls. Get a gift card to a Mac store so the girl can get an iPod shuffle or an iPod cover. Purchase a debit gift card through online retailers that permit you to personalise it. Add the girl's name and her photo as well as a sentimental message.

Clothes and Accessories

Seven-year-old girls typically enjoy having nice clothes for school and church. Purchase a good-quality outfit from a hip boutique for the girl to wear on a specific holiday. For instance, get a sweater with red hearts and pink trousers if her birthday is near Valentine's Day. Or buy a nice Easter dress with a white hat if she has a spring birthday. Girls who are athletes and tomboys need cotton T-shirts and gym shorts because their outfits typically get really dirty.


Purchase tickets for the girl to spend her birthday with you in a memorable place. For instance, buy tickets for you and the girl as well as a couple of her friends to go to the zoo. Or get tickets to the local art museum, which might have a play area where the girl can create art. If the girl is a big fan of a pop star, get tickets when the band comes to town.

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